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Triad Lanes would love to team up with your school, church, or organization and help you raise money. We have many different options, so just pick the one that best fits YOUR needs: Contact us at 336-292-0181 for more details.

School Fundraiser Night Out

Just like Skate Night, but with BOWLING. Everyone can bowl, so even the parents can join the kids for an inexpensive, FUN night while helping the school! Special food and beverage prices for this program. 


This can be a one-time event. Pick a date and time and reserve the lanes. We will charge a discounted price and then you charge what is a fair price for your group and you keep the difference for your fundraiser. Example: Triad Lanes will charge $10.00 per bowler and can charge each bowler $20.00 per person, and you keep the difference for your fundraiser.

Pledge Sheets

This is a great way to raise more money. Your bowlers will get pledges using the pledge sheets for various amounts and you reward bowlers with cash and giftrs for those who raise the most money by team or by individuals. 

50/50 Program

We provide the tickets for your group and you sell tickets at your price option. 50% goes to the winner and 50% goes to the fundraiser. 

Fundraiser Bowling League

Form a league of family members or friends. Each person will bowl for 12 weeks for $12.00 per week. This is based on 24 bowlers and you would be able to raise $864.00. This program includes three games of bowling, shoe rental, and lots of fun. A great way to get the group together each week!

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